Mike Luken has been at Findlay Market since he was in high school, working part-time at Trefzger's Fish and Poultry stand, a business that went back several generations. Mike liked the work right away, and when he became an electrician after high school, he continued to work at the Market on Saturdays. In 1977, Fred Trefzger retired and Mike left his electrician's job and bought the business. One of his first part-time employees was his younger brother Neil, who would help out after school. Today, Neil owns Charles Bare & Sons Meats at Findlay Market. Mike specializes in fresh seafood, fish, and poultry, but when he first became a Findlay Market merchant, the available types of truly fresh fish were herring, baby whites, and walleye. Tuna was still something that came from a can and swordfish and grouper had yet to show up on restaurant menus and shopping lists. When grilled fish became popular in the 1980's, Mike decided to try selling some fresh yellowfin tuna, but he never thought its popularity would last. Mike is an active member of the Findlay Market Merchants' Association, which sponsors the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade for the Cincinnati Reds. Mike chaired the parade committee for ten years. Brother Neil has been the chair for the past fifteen years. Mike still puts together a float every year. Anyone who wants can ride it in the parade.
Luken's Fresh Fish, Seafood & Poultry | Findlay Market Location: 20 | (513) 621-5567 | 1801 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Proprietor: Mike Luken